About Me

Hi, I’m Anthony Ross…I am a coach and psychologist from Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve created this website because I believe that tennis coaching presents incredible opportunities to promote the healthy psychological development of young people.

Psychology is a huge part of what we do as coaches, and you would have developed skill in assisting your players’ development of performance skills intuitively through your coaching experiences.

But most coaches I talk to still tell me that they find improving player ‘mental toughness’ the most challenging part of coaching…The frustration and helplessness common to watching players lose concentration, choke, explode in anger, and tank can be challenging and even overwhelming.

So…my aim for this website is to help you become more effective in assisting your players’ development of mental toughness on the court, but also performance skills relevant for school and later life performance as well.

My Background…

I grew up in an outback Australian town, called Biloela. There was no coach and few children who played tennis in ‘Bilo’ so by the time I was 10 I’d given up the game for other sports, more popular with my peers.

But soon after quitting, my first coach, Ken Hick, began driving from a town about 90 minutes away to coach in my town. ‘Hicky’ convinced me to first join a group coaching squad and it was so much fun that before long I was riding my bike to the local courts for my weekly 6am individual lesson as well.

Looking back, Hicky’s love of tennis, and his dedication to help every player he worked with, on and off the court, is the reason that tennis became the dominant part of my life for the next 25 years…

And for that I’ll be forever thankful.

During that time I eventually earned a scholarship to Pepperdine University, and became an All-American in 2000. I also had the chance to travel the world as a professional doubles player for 3 years upon completing college.

When I realised that my desire to make tennis my long term career was not sustainable in 2003, however, I began coaching while still on the tour. Initially, I learned many tough lessons that taught me that successful coaching was as much about psychology as technical and physical components…And the relative failure of my early coaching efforts showed me that I lacked skill in this area.

So, in short, for the last 12 years I’ve dedicated most of my working life to becoming more skilled in helping players, parents, and most recently other coaches, regarding the mental components of tennis…

During this time I’ve been privileged to work with many players just starting out on their tennis journey; but also USA singles gold ball winners, Australian national junior champions, Wimbledon junior champions, Junior world #1’s, the 2014 Australian high school boys championship winning team, NCAA team championship winning players, and ATP/WTA tour title winners. I’ve also traveled on the ATP tour with players as they competed against the likes of Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal.

I’ve also mentored many coaches including those of top 10 ATP/WTA players, and coaches from 2 of the 3 most improved Division 1 NCAA men’s teams in 2015: Virginia Tech (VT) and (TCU).

The reality is, that regardless of our coaching skill, tennis presents regular challenges to effectively promoting player mental toughness development. I’m very confident that investing your time in my site will benefit your ability to meet these challenges.

Enjoy and best of luck!